Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Kadhi Palak

Goldene Oktober (Golden October). I have fallen in love with this phrase which perfectly describes the Fall in Germany. The temperature drops. It is chill everywhere, yet not sharp as a knife. Poets associate the season with the mood of meloncholy. However, to me, the season brings an elegant serenity with it.

I make a stroll in the morning through the parks and fields, to take a whiff of fresh air. The leaves on the trees gradually turn into different shades of green, yellow, orange, red and brown - pale and bright. Some could no longer hold on to the trees and with a heavy heart fall off to the ground, just to  make a soft bed over the wet grass below. There is still a mild fog. I hug on to the warmth of the pullover and I can see my own breath. Piles of pumpkins and dozens of apples are stacked over for sale by the farmers along the fields. The sun shines lazily through the branches of the trees, pouring its golden rays through the branches and coloured leaves, elevating their beauty to a splendid grandeur. Is this not a golden October?

Well, this is something I wanted to share with you before October ends, but I couldn't make it. Now that it is November, winter is on the doorsteps and trees are becoming more naked with every passing day. I got to prepare myself to face the winter.

In the recent past, I have seen many blog posts with lots of sweets and savouries marking the festive season in India. I hope everyone had a memorable and safe Diwali. Now, coming to the purpose of the post, it is yet another entry to the exciting fortnightly event - Blog Hop Wednesdays, organised by Radhika of Tickling Palates. As per the rule of the game, I got the opportunity to visit Anamika of Taste Junction. Oh, I really wonder why I have missed her blog so long. Not just the food and the photography is amazing, but also her write ups give me an interesting read. I'm especially fond of her musings in the Scribbles page. Her blog reflects in a way the wonderful personality she is. Thanks again to Radhika for giving this chance to know such lovely blogs and bloggers.

Choosing a single dish was again a challenge. Baking was a big no and so I searched in Cooking. She has many dishes up her sleeves which are new to me. Finally, I settled down to Kadhi Palak, which was also the lunch menu on last Sunday.

The original recipe can be found here. I followed it almost exactly except the following small changes.
  • I added two large chopped shallots while sauteing.
  • I added few sprigs of flat-leaf parsley at the end. 
  • I forgot to add the Kasuri methi.
I had never prepared any Kadhi before, so this was my first attempt. I was afraid if the yogurt might curdle or if the besan would get more thick than necessary. Nothing of the kind happened. It tasted so delicious and creamy, that I would definitely be making it again and often. My husband too liked it a lot. The spinach and parsley are green leafy vegetables, which are a good source of antioxidants, iron and vital vitamins. This does not take much time and effort to prepare, yet makes a satisfying and healthy meal.

Sending this as an entry to Blog Hop Wednesday-Week 8 event by Radhika of Tickling Palates, Only Curries event by Pari of Foodelicious, guest hosted by Janaki's Kitchen and to Fast Food NOT Fat Food by Priya of Now Serving.


  1. hi i also make palak kardi from her blog

  2. Wonderful prose written about Golden Oktober :) Sad - here too the leaves are falling, but still plenty holding tight for that big windy day (that is inevitable) to carry them down :) Someone who can enjoy beauty can always be at peace with oneself - Where we live promotes those feelings too -Palak Khadi looks warm and delicious and perfect for the season. Thanks too for linking it to FFNFF :) xo, priya

  3. WOW..this simple and comforting dish is what I too would love to have after overdose of Diwali treats. Looks so beautiful.

  4. This looks delicious..Perfectly made dear...Should try it some day...Thanks for the recipe dear.

    BTW I love your hugging salt and pepper kit..really beautiful..

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  5. Kadhi palak looks super comforting and inviting...

  6. Love the pics .. and that cute salt n pepper case.. love it too :)

  7. Believe it or not my little kiddo loves it n I find it a great way to get spinach into her ~ love how you presented it :)

  8. nice recipe, but its the salt and pepper kit that steals the show :))!

  9. nice recipe, but its the salt and pepper kit that steals the show :))! they look really cute

  10. wow beautiful it....and love the presentation and clicks too!

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  11. That;s a comforting bowl of kadhi..would love to have with some plain rice

  12. fall is my fav season, but unfortunately this time we seemed to have bypassed the beautiful colours n have gone straight to bare trees:(
    the kadhi looks fab, im thinking perfect fr the weather

  13. hearty looking platter- loved your portrayal of golden october !

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  15. Your blog happens to be one among a handful where I love reading the write ups before the recipe. i could actually feel the golden October and a wonderful choice for the blog hop. healthy and hearty. I very much like the salt and pepper shaker.

  16. Its first time here.I luv ur blog have lot of interesting recipe n ur header looks elegant...
    Kadai palak looks healthy n cute salt n pepper kit beautifully presented...
    I am happy to follow u dear...

  17. @all, thanks a lot for all your lovely comments :)

    @Priya, I completely agree with you dear. In my humble opinion, when one its at harmony with nature, he/she can find the inner peace easily :)

    @An Open Book, oh, that's quite sad dear! :( We are still enjoying the beautiful colors here, but I'm sure it's not going to last more than a week from now.

    @Priya Sreeram, thanks for your comments dear.

    @Radhika, I'm really humbled and happy to read your lines dear. What more could I ask for. You made my day :) Thanks a lot!!

    @Gayathri, hearty welcome. Hope you enjoy your visits here :)

  18. We also have a beautiful weather here in october. Nice write up and a healthy kadhi. I love this taste.
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  19. Very nice and inviting pic with kadhi palak..

  20. hmmm a fall inspired side...very beautiful. noticed the add on the header too.very good again!

  21. kadhi is my favourite ! looks very tempting :)

  22. this is a great preparation! If you can, do go through thr rules of my Ongoing event: Healthy Lunch Challenge & link this there. Thanks! :)
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  23. did I miss this post of urs!! But so glad you and ur husband enjoyed this simple dish! Thanks for the lovely words!!