Thursday, September 01, 2011

Raisins Bread Knots

It was a wonderful month of Ramadan. I still can't believe it is over very soon. Eid was on Tuesday for us. It was a lovely day and on the Almighty's grace, it went on very well. We had been invited to a friends' house in the north of Germany. After prayers, we set out there and we had a memorable time there. We returned home only very late last night. This post is exclusively for the Blog Hop Wednesday, a blog event by Radhika of Tickling Palates. Even before Eid, I explained my situation to her and she kindly gave me one day excuse. So, I'm posting for the event today.

This time, I got the opportunity to visit Neha's blog - From my heart. Her blog is young, but within a short time, she has posted some really wonderful and unique recipes. I really liked a few of them and had a tough time choosing. At last, I asked my husband to pick one. He finally closed in on these cute little bread knots.

The original recipe can be found here. I followed it almost exactly, except for the following changes:

  • I omitted washing the bread knots with egg-whites. Instead, I brushed the knots with a little olive oil before baking. This gave the knots a beautiful upper crust.
  • I added some raisins along with the flour while kneading, which was a great idea indeed. We really loved biting into those sweet pieces. (Ok baba, I admit, it was my husband's idea!!) 
  • I used Nigella seeds instead of Basil seeds.
I enjoyed preparing these pretty knots very much. They were easy to make, but tasted great. Initially, I wondered how to make those knots, but later realized that it doesn't really matter. It was fun twisting and turning the dough. Unleash your creativity and you get wonderful shapes. I think, most of mine turned out to be like snails rather than knots. As I said, it really doesn't matter. We took some of these to our friends too and they too liked it a lot.

It is best served warm. You can either bite into them as such or enjoy with marmalade or honey. A dash of honey is my personal choice. Have it as breakfast or as tea time snacks. I'm sure you would like them either way. Sending this to Blog Hop Wednesday - Week 3.


  1. looks lovely..i shud get back 2 baking bread...

  2. Hmm sieht sehr schmacaft aus, verstehst du mein Deutsch, weiss ich nicht ob ich richtig geschrieben oder nicht meine ich looks delicious.

  3. Wonderful looking bread knots with rasins. Wonderfully baked.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. That looks yummy and perfect..I love this….Should give it a try soon…Thank you so much for the recipe...

  5. Absolutely lovely SW. Hope you celebrated the festival well.

  6. this looks lovely was thinking of baking something today will make this :D

  7. wow wonderful clicks and they r lovely baked .... looks so tempting ...... happy to follow u . .....

  8. Lovely knots!! The last clicks makes me drool with the honey being drizzled over the warm bread..And sorry for the late wishes but Eid Mubarak to u & your family..Was tied up with something else & cud not message on tue :(
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  9. Wow.. love these knots. Never tried these. And your pictures make me hungry dear :)

  10. Lovely cute Bread knots..looks so tempting..wonderful picks...belated happy Ramadan wishes to you and your family.

  11. lovely, have to try this... they look real cute.

  12. I can somewhat relate this to raisin cinnamon bread that I love to eat in my breakfast sometimes...the same in knots looks just lovely..beautiful click..

    Do swing by to my space whenever time permits..


  13. Tried this for this week's BHW and it came out good :) Thanks for sharing this recipe :)